We are assessing what type of situational awareness report/bulletin could be developed for critical infrastructure (CI) sectors and community partners. The intent is to make this a free and available resource for those participating in the Cybersecurity Evaluation Tool (CSET), while increasing awareness to threats and trends in our state and region.


We are updating the risk assessment to include NIST 2.0 and governance, which will help sectors meet or prepare for future federal and state requirements.


What are we asking for? As a public and private sector leader, we would welcome your participation in this 2-3-minute survey to help assess what type of situational awareness information could be developed for our CI partners.


Next steps? Once we receive feedback from the survey, we will coordinate with our state partners and the Cyber Florida Security Operations Centers to assess what type of vendor or service could be applied to support our sectors.  Our goal is to have a product drafted by Q3, 2024.

Take the survey here.