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Public, Election Officials May Be Kept in the Dark on Hacks

If the FBI discovers that foreign hackers have infiltrated the networks of your county election office, you may not find out about it until after voting is over. And your governor and other state officials may be kept in the dark, too. There's no federal law compelling state and local governments to share information when an electoral system is hacked. And a federal policy keeps details secret by shielding the identity of all cyber victims regardless of whether election systems are involved. Election officials are in a difficult spot: If someone else's voting system is targeted, they want to know exactly what happened so they can protect their own system.


White House welcomes Alabama, Florida local officials for Leadership Day

Local officials from Alabama and Florida traveled to the White House Thursday to discuss a variety of issues impacting their areas. The State Leadership Day offered the elected leaders a chance to talk about their shared priorities among themselves and with federal leaders when it comes to issues like infrastructure, disaster recovery and the opioid crisis. "We can all work together to find results," Commissioner Vanessa Baugh of Bradenton County, Fla., said. "That's what's so exciting about it. It's a great partnership." Director of National Drug Policy, James Carroll, talked to the elected officials about the national initiatives in place to help quell the opioid crisis and tackle recent vaping illnesses.

Florida Politics

Senators workshop fixes for affordable housing crisis

With rents increasing faster than pay in much of Florida, a state Senate committee contemplated recurrent issues with affordable housing Wednesday. Legislation that made affordable housing mandates “voluntary” was signed into law last year. And Sadowski Trust money has been raided in recent years. Before the 2018 Session, then-Gov. Rick Scott recommended sweeping $91.8 million from the then-$314 million Sadowski Trust. Lawmakers moved $182 million from the pool. Gov. Ron DeSantis recommended fully funding the trust, but more than $110 million was moved to the Panhandle in the wake of Hurricane Michael. Ultimately, just $85 million of a proposed $338 million allocation was spent on its actual purpose.