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The Hill

CDC says vaccinated people can take masks off indoors and outdoors

People who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can safely resume life without any restrictions, according to long-awaited federal guidance released Thursday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says if you are fully vaccinated — two weeks past the last required COVID-19 vaccine dose — you don't need to wear masks indoors or outside, and you don't need to maintain physical distance.

Route Fifty

Boosting Covid-19 Vaccinations with $1 million Prizes, Free Crawfish, Hunting Licenses and More

As the quest for communities to get Americans vaccinated continues, and the supply of vaccines outnumbers the demand, states and cities are coming up with creative ways to get people inoculated.  Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, on Wednesday, announced that the state would run a sweepstakes where people who have received at least one shot would be eligible for a $1 million dollar prize.

Tampa Bay Times

Florida has entered an unsettling stage of the COVID pandemic | Editorial

There’s no denying that Florida’s COVID numbers are better compared to the winter. There’s also no denying that the virus is still sickening and killing too many people in the state. And, unfortunately, there are too many denialists at both ends of the coronavirus spectrum who won’t accept reality — the overwrought who still want strict lockdowns and insist everyone wear masks even when alone and outdoors versus the crowd who claims “the crisis is over, if it really was a crisis.”