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Governor Ron DeSantis Announces More Than $15 Million in Community Disaster Loans for Communities Impacted by Hurricane Michael

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has approved more than $15 million in low-interest Community Disaster Loans for the City of Mexico Beach, City of Panama City, City of Parker, Bay County School District and the Calhoun-Liberty Hospital Association. The Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) worked alongside FEMA to secure the loans for the impacted communities.  “Since day one of my administration, we have used every resource at our disposal to ensure Northwest Florida completely rebuilds from Hurricane Michael,” said Governor DeSantis.

Pensacola News Journal

NRA and local government groups square off on controversial gun law

The National Rifle Association and local government groups are trying to help sway an appeals court in a battle about a controversial state gun law. The NRA this week filed a proposed friend-of-the-court brief urging the 1st District Court of Appeal to uphold the 2011 law, which has threatened tough penalties if city and county officials approve gun regulations. The NRA filing came a week after the Florida League of Cities and the Florida Association of Counties sought permission to file a brief in opposition to the law. Florida since 1987 has barred cities and counties from passing regulations that are stricter than state firearms laws, and the penalties in the 2011 law were designed to strengthen that “preemption.


A Digital Census Is Great for Some, Costly for Rural

The 2020 Census is going digital. Altogether, it’s a cheaper option. Setting up a website and sending out mailers will ultimately save taxpayer dollars, but going digital may have its own price. “We’re going to struggle for the people who don’t have the Internet or don’t have a computer,” said Sophie Fisher, a local complete Census committee member. “We have people who spent their whole life doing it one way.” While the federal agency has plans to ensure such populations still find a paper questionnaire to fill out — many Lima, Ohio residents, for example, may not even notice the move to digital — such a change highlights the pervasiveness of digital technology.