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News Service of America 

House, Senate start hammering out budget 

TALLAHASSEE — House and Senate negotiators Tuesday began narrowing budget differences, with agreement on issues such as a minimum-wage proposal, spending on a new elections investigation office and revamping pay in the Department of Corrections. But gaps remained as several conference committees face a Thursday deadline to agree on spending details. 

Pensacola News Journal 

Childers sues Escambia County commissioners to force repayment of retirement contributions 

Escambia County Clerk of Court Pam Childers and the Escambia County Commission are now involved in dueling lawsuits. The Escambia County Commission sued Childers in January after she withheld all contributions to a local retirement plan known as the ICMA 401(a) plan. Childers responded to the County Commission Tuesday and Wednesday, first seeking to get the county's lawsuit quashed and then filing her own lawsuit to force the three county commissioners she alleges have received unlawful retirement contributions through the county's local retirement plan. 

News Service of Florida 

Property tax breaks move through House 

The Florida House continued moving forward Monday with a proposal that would provide an increased homestead property-tax exemption for classroom teachers, members of the military and first responders who have toiled through the coronavirus pandemic. The House Local Administration & Veterans Affairs Subcommittee unanimously approved two linked proposals (HJR 1 and HB 1563), filed by Rep. Josie Tomkow, R-Polk City, that would provide the additional exemption and, as a result, reduce non-school tax revenue by more than $90 million a year.