ACCESS 67 is an initiative of the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) to implement a comprehensive approach to empowering our members to develop solutions to address the impacts of the lack of ACCESS to critical telecommunication and information technology resources in Florida communities.

FAC recognizes that this lack of ACCESS impacts small, medium and large counties, as well as, Florida’s rural and urban communities.  Additionally, the lack of ACCESS impacts multiple policy areas that FAC’s members are responsible for in the governance of their local communities to include, but are not limited to, public safety, healthcare, economic development and education.

The comprehensive approach of the ACCESS 67 Initiative is based on the underlying principles of the Association’s strategic plan; Advocacy, Collaboration, and Education.

  1. FAC, as directed by its members, will advocate for the adoption, as well as, the implementation of state and federal policies that contribute to the development of solutions that address the lack of ACCESS in our local communities.
  1. FAC will identify opportunities and provide support for our members to collaborate with other stakeholders who share a common goal in developing solutions to address the lack of ACCESS in our local communities.
  2. FAC and the Institute for County Government will develop and produce educational content designed to empower our members with information that will assist them in developing effective local solutions to the impacts of the lack of ACCESS in their communities.  These educational efforts will be inclusive of the facilitation of the sharing of best practices among Florida’s counties and similar communities and organizations from around the country.