About the Federal Policy Committee

As the nations 3rd largest state, Florida’s key issues are more than just state issues – many are nationally significant.  Accordingly, the Florida Association of Counties’ Board of Directors approved the creation of a Federal Policy Committee in 2013.   Participation in this committee is open to all FAC members. 

Each year, the committee, through the guidance of the membership, develops a federal advocacy program to share with national leaders and lawmakers.  Staffed solely by internal FAC staff, FAC’s federal program consists of a limited number of key federal issues affecting Florida county governments. 

FAC staff provide informational services on these issues to all FAC members throughout the year via newsletter, monthly conference calls, action alerts and committee meetings during FAC conferences.  FAC staff also advocates FAC’s program before the U.S. Congress and federal agencies. 


View the FAC Federal Committee roster for 2023 – 2024 here.

FAC Contact:

Eddy Labrador, Senior Legislative Council


(850) 922-4300