The Florida Association of Counties (FAC) is the only association in the state that represents all 67 counties in Florida. Founded in 1929, FAC is the voice of Florida! FAC is dedicated to providing essential services to Florida’s counties.

  1. Represents you in Tallahassee (Advocacy)
  2. Helps you better serve your constituents (Education)
  3. Saves the county and your taxpayers money (Business Solutions)




FAC staff represents Florida’s counties throughout the year before the Governor, Cabinet, Florida Legislature, various state agencies, and the courts. Each year, the Florida Association of Counties, through the guidance of the membership, develops a legislative platform to present before state leaders and lawmakers, and actively participates on issues of statewide importance in the court system.




FAC conferences provide a great benefit at discounted fees for members. Attendees highly rank the information they receive from expert speakers, educational sessions, workshops and the networking opportunities with colleagues. FAC hosts three conferences a year in addition to Legislative Day:
Annual Conference, Policy Conference and Legislative Conference.




By pooling the purchasing power of counties throughout the state and using volume purchasing as leverage in the private sector, FAC partners with companies that help bring better quality, improved benefits, and/or lower costs products and services than individual counties can negotiate on their own. Most services offered have been competitively solicited by a lead public agency and the resulting contracts are immediately available to counties and other local governments use.


With these combined savings, FAC benefits pay for themselves!

If you would like more information on the specific cost saving benefits your county is receiving, please contact FAC’s Corporate Relations Manager,