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Let local voters decide term limits, not Florida legislators 

If there’s one thing most Americans agree on, it’s that grandstanding, and gridlock have crippled Washington. Too often, those we send to our nation’s capital forget where they come from and why they were elected.   



County commissioner 8-year term limits are teed up in the Florida House 

A bill calling for term limits for county commissioners across the state is headed to the full Florida House. 


Florida Politics 

House panel OKs elimination of local wage, heat protection rules for contractors 

Local governments wouldn’t be able to set minimum wages for their contractors and subcontractors, and couldn’t require businesses to protect their workers from heat exposure, under a bill passed by the House State Affairs Committee. 



Florida Today 

Term limits for Brevard County constitutional officers could be on the ballot this year  

Brevard County Commission Vice Chair Rita Pritchett has submitted a proposal allowing voters to establish term limits for the county’s constitutional officers — the clerk of courts, property appraiser, sheriff, supervisor of elections and tax collector.