Attending the Summit? Let your Community Know!

Share with your community your plan to attend FAC’s Broadband Summit in St. Johns County. Let your network know the steps you are taking to ensure affordable and accessible broadband to everyone in your community.


Sample Post: Looking forward to attending @flcounties Broadband Summit in January! This is the first step into ensuring ALL Floridians have access to affordable, high-speed internet. #flcounties #Access67


Sample Post: In January, I will attend the @Florida Association of Counties Broadband Summit. I will join over 400 community leaders as we learn how to bring affordable high-speed internet to everyone. Learn more: 


Sample Post: So excited to attend the @flcounties Broadband Summit in January! During this conference I learn from state and local leaders on how we can bring affordable high-speed internet to ALL communities in Florida. #flcounties #FACinAction #Access67