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Counties rely on critical sources of annual funding to ensure affordable homeownership for their residents, especially the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) program. For decades the colloquially known Sadowski Fund has provided funding to local governments but has come under attack from the Legislature who sweep the funds away for other projects of their choosing. Concerned groups around the state continue to advocate for protecting the trust fund, and its monies being used as it was originally intended.


1) A full-time hourly worker in Florida at the $8.46 minimum wage could afford a rent of $440. They would need to work 108 hours for a modest two-bedroom rental at the fair market rate of $1,189.

2) The housing wage in Florida, when full-time hourly workers spend no more than 30% of expenses on housing, is currently $22.86. By comparison, 67% of Floridian jobs earn under $20 an hour.

3) Florida has the 15th highest housing wage nationwide.

4) There is a projected $352 million for the Sadowski related trust funds this year.

5) If fully appropriated in 2020-21, the Sadowski Fund would provide an estimated $4.4 billion in economic impact and create 30,000 jobs.

6) The Sadowski Coalition consists of 33 stakeholder groups including the Florida Chamber of Commerce, AARP of Florida, and the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops.


The Florida Association of Counties has adopted guiding principles in support of environmental initiatives:

  • FAC supports retaining the full amount of funding for state and local affordable housing programs as generated by documentary stamp tax revenues.


The bill exempts the State Housing Trust Fund and the Local Government Housing Trust Fund from a provision authorizing the Legislature, in the General Appropriations Act, to transfer unappropriated cash balances from specified trust funds to the Budget Stabilization Fund and the General Revenue Fund, etc.


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