We are live! The 2022 NACIO Awards of Excellence contest is actually happening! Here’s all you need to know:

When is the entry period? Entries will be accepted from May 1, 2022, through May 20, 2022.

When will winners be recognized?
Winners will be recognized at the annual NACIO meeting in conjunction with the NACO conference in July. More info about this to come.

What can you enter? Work produced in 2019, 2020, and 2021. That’s right, for this year only, NACIO is accepting work from counties and county associations produced during the last three years. COVID took a lot from us, but it isn’t going to take away the opportunity to recognize the amazing work you produced during this time.

Work produced in 2022 will be eligible for the 2023 Awards of Excellence. In other words, do not submit this work for this year.

What are the categories?

  • Annual Report
    • Brochures: One page and Multi-Page Booklet
    • Publications: Internal and External
    • Writing: News writing; Feature Writing or Columns; News Releases: Speeches
    • Graphic Design: Logos, Themes and Letterheads; Graphics for Brochures and Publications; Special Graphics
  • Photography
    • Audio Visual Production: One-Time Visual Programming; Video Series; Podcasts or Audio Programming
    • Special Projects: Ceremonies or Community Events; Public Education Campaign
    • Electronic Communications: Websites; Best Facebook Page; Best Twitter Feed; Email Newsletter to Citizens

Do I have to be a member of NACIO to enter the Awards of Excellence Contest?
No. Although we don’t know why you wouldn’t want to be a member of NACIO, this contest is open to any county or county association public communications person – NACIO member or not.

How much does it cost to enter? $35 per entry for NACIO members $50 per entry for non-NACIO member

Where do I submit my entries?
Submitting entries is easy through the Reviewr platform – it’s all digital. Click here to start building your submission.

Do I pay for my entries through the Reviewr platform?
Payment for your entries will be made through our NACO portal. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF NACO TO ENTER THIS CONTEST OR TO PAY FOR YOUR ENTRIES.

That said, you will need to go to this page and enter a username and password of your choosing. NACO staff will approve your username/password account within 24 business hours. Once you receive a response from NACO staff approving your account, you can log into the NACO portal and continue with payment.

If you have an existing NACO username and password, you can use that instead of creating a new one.

This sounds complicated, is it?
No. It’s really easy. Here’s what we recommend.

Click here if you do not already have a NACO username and password. Enter a username and password of your choosing and hit submit. That will get that process started.

Then, go to Reviewr and start building your submissions. You don’t have to do it all at once. With your Reviewr account you can save, edit and add to your submission up through the day submissions close – May 20.

After you have your submissions built and submitted in the Reviewr platform, go to the NACO portal, log in and complete the payment for your entries. You can pay for all your entries at once, if you like.

Hint: Don’t wait until May 19 to request approval for your NACO username and password. In fact, please make that request no later than May 16.

Now, get going. Let’s see the amazing things you have done while the world stopped, but you didn’t.

Questions? Email Jennifer Finch or Christine Strak with questions.