The Florida Association of Counties is committed to helping counties find quality business solutions at the right price. Many of FAC’s business solutions are designed by counties for counties, delivering the highest quality and value. All of FAC’s business solutions use the collective purchasing power of counties to reduce the cost of products and services, while driving superior performance and service.



Like most organizations, counties can be vulnerable to risk and liability issues. That’s why FAC offers insurance coverages designed with county needs in mind. These are proven programs designed by local governments for local governments.

General and Auto Liability – Florida Association of Counties Trust

Property and Worker Compensation – Florida Municipal Insurance Trust



Counties can do more with less when they use FAC’s broad portfolio of financial solutions, including loans, investments, and many options in between. Let us find the right solution for you.

Debt Recovery - NCS Plus

Short-to-Medium-Term Loans - Florida Local Government Finance Program

Short Term Bond Fund - Florida Trust

Day to Day Fund - Florida Trust



Human Resources

In appreciation of the people who work for county government in service to their communities, FAC has assembled a variety of benefit options that counties can offer to their employees.

Guaranteed Whole Life - Boston Mutual

Deferred Compensation - Nationwide

Employee Clinics and Wellness Programs - HealthStat

Cost Savings

Florida counties are committed to saving taxpayer money while delivering the best services to their communities. FAC helps counties do that through programs designed to save counties time and money.

Vehicle Purchasing – Florida Sheriffs Association

Government Purchasing Alliance - U.S. Communities

Live Healthy Prescription Discount Card - NACo