Florida Legislature must show counties, communities more respect  

Yes, “First, do no harm” is the simple advice given to those who practice medicine. Unfortunately, “First, ask before you do any harm” remains simple common sense that the Florida Legislature refuses to practice when it comes to dealing with the state’s 67 counties. 


Miami Herald 

Florida Legislature aims to control local water, growth rules  

As Florida’s Legislature begins its regular session Tuesday with a plan to tee up a host of culture war issues that Gov. Ron DeSantis can use as his “blueprint” for America’s future, another list of proposals is getting less attention but is being quietly cheered by powerful industries. 


Tampa Bay Times 

Florida cities and towns are worried about the legislative session. Here’s why. 

For local government officials watching the state’s continued preemption of city and county autonomy, there’s plenty to worry about in the Florida Legislative session beginning Tuesday. 



Marco Eagle 

Construction to start soon on emergency beach berm in Collier County  

Plans to construct an emergency berm on Collier County’s beaches to protect coastal property left vulnerable by Hurricane Ian are advancing. 


Florida Today 

$1M in lagoon grant money may instead go to fix Brevard’s beaches  

The Brevard County Commission will vote Tuesday on whether to place a moratorium on a special grant program designed to help the Indian River Lagoon. 



The Capitolist  

Florida’s long struggle to fix the affordable housing crisis, explained  

With more and more people flocking to Florida with each passing year, the Sunshine State’s success is also starting to cast some long, dark shadows that threaten to engulf hundreds of thousands of people who are steadily getting priced out of the state’s increasingly expensive housing market. The dream of living in a tropical paradise with a low cost of living is quickly fading as workers struggle to find affordable housing close to their workplaces while making ends meet in a nation where the cost of living continues to rise.