Florida Politics 

The effort to get Gov. DeSantis to veto short-term vacation rental bill accelerates  

Gov. DeSantis hasn’t commented publicly about SB 280. 


Orlando Sentinel  

Commentary: Public-camping rule will only make homeless problem worse  

On April 22, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the case of Grants Pass v. Johnson, which addresses the right of people experiencing homelessness to stay and sleep on public land if no other option is available.   


Florida Politics 

Gov. DeSantis signs bill banning localities from blocking demolition, replacement of old, coastal buildings  

It was a hot-button issue for many oceanside cities. 



Citrus County Chronicle 

County eyes grant to combat pollution of Homosassa River  

For years, the concern along the Homosassa River has been the leaking of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals into the water. 




States warned of ‘recent and ongoing’ cyber threats to critical infrastructure  

The EPA and White House acknowledged water systems and other utilities “often lack the resources” to adopt rigorous cybersecurity measures. They want to partner to bolster the current efforts of state and local governments.