ABC Action News 

Hillsborough County and Goodwill Suncoast team up  

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — A unique partnership is beginning to blossom between Hillsborough County and Goodwill Suncoast, and it’s all based on an unlikely source — trash. 



Alachua County Commission moves forward with plans for surtax revenue  

Alachua County’s elected leaders have approved two new plans on how they will use $188 million in taxpayer money. 



The Capitolist 

The light at the end of Florida’s affordable housing tunnel probably isn’t a train 

In Florida, media outlets and other critics (read: Democrats) have long blamed Republican lawmakers in Tallahassee for the state’s ongoing affordable housing shortage, and in particular, they blame so-called “raids” of a Florida based  program called the Sadowski Housing Trust Fund for the escalating “crisis.” 



Marco Eagle 

Proposal to provide bigger savings to homeowners clears Senate panel  

TALLAHASSEE — A proposal to change the state’s Save Our Homes property-tax cap cleared its first legislative committee on Wednesday, despite concerns that it might force counties to cut services or shift the tax burden.