Established in 1991, the Florida Local Government Finance Program is a flexible, low-interest, short- to medium-term loan program geared toward helping local governments meet their many infrastructure and capital needs. Funding acquired through the program has been used for landfills, water and sewer facilities, courthouses, spring training complexes, library construction, beach re-nourishment, and more. To learn more, visit FLGFP's main webpage here.  


  • Historically lower interest rates than other borrowing vehicles
  • Flexibility and ease of use
  • Prepayments can be made any time without penalty (with sufficient notice)
  • Low Cost of Issuance
  • Governed by Florida Local Government Finance Commission, composed of officials from participating counties
  • Administered in-house by the Florida Association of Counties


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Connie Roddenberry
Program Administrator 
(850) 922-2198