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Palm Beach Daily News

Palm Beach sees ‘aesthetically horrible’ outcome if wireless law passes

Fearing an aesthetic disaster, the town has declared a moratorium on applications to place wireless telecommunications equipment on public property and in public rights of way. Meanwhile, a battle is emerging across the state over technological advances and property rights — and Palm Beach is in the thick of it. Mayor Gail Coniglio traveled to Tallahassee this week to lobby against a slurry of bills that she said attack “home rule” — the ability of counties and municipalities to govern matters she said are best left in local hands.

Wall Street Journal

Does Pre-emption Harm Local Democracy?

In the past year we’ve witnessed a sharp and troubling increase in the number of “pre-emption” bills designed to limit the power of local democracy (“States, Cities Joust Over Municipal Laws,” U.S. News, April 13). Some states have stripped cities of their power to levy taxes, raise minimum wages, establish local health, safety, housing and zoning standards, and enact antidiscrimination ordinances. Pre-emption bills have been introduced in Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas that would effectively end home rule for cities.

Bradenton Herald

Changes to vacation rental bill leave Anna Maria Island residents hopeful

A state Senate committee has significantly altered a bill that would have weakened local government regulation of vacation rentals, apparently clearing the way for Florida cities to maintain their local control. But Anna Maria Island residents aren’t celebrating until the state Legislative session is over. “We feel that it’s a good thing in a way because it still leaves us our ordinance, our ability to manage the properties, but we just don’t know what’s going to happen,” Anna Maria resident Ruth Uecker said.