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Florida Legislature's efforts to undermine home rule reach 'dangerous level'

We may have reached the nadir of the state's efforts to undermine the authority of local governments. Home rule - the decades-old tradition that allows municipalities and counties to regulate issues within their jurisdictions - has been under withering attack in recent years. That said, the latest proposal percolating in Tallahassee may have crossed a line.56

Tallahassee Reports

Census Fight Could Affect Florida Political Numbers

With the U.S. Supreme Court moving quickly to hear the case, a legal battle about a proposed citizenship question on the 2020 U.S. census could have political ramifications for Florida. The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to take up the U.S. Department of Commerce’s appeal of a lower-court ruling that would prevent the census from using a question about citizenship. Opponents of asking about citizenship argue it would lead to non-citizens and groups such as Hispanics being less likely to participate in the census because of concerns the information could be used against them or family members.

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Neal Dunn: No disaster relief for Michael means ‘Nay’ on budget deal

When a budget deal finally won passage in the U.S. House last week, no Florida Republicans supported it and no Democrats voted against it. But not every “Nay” vote offered partisan explanations. U.S. Rep. Neal Dunn, a Panhandle Republican, said his greatest concern remained in a lack of disaster funding. While he cited border security, he said leaving his region without enough federal support made the bill untenable. “We cannot continue to kick the can down the road on disaster funding. Florida’s Panhandle needs help now, not six months down the road,” he said.