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Super preemption


**This bill will be heard in House Careers & Competition Subcommittee tomorrow at 1pm!  Please call the members of the committee and let them know how this bill would impact your community.  For more information on HB 17 please click here.  To contact committee members, please click here.**


Naples Daily News

Brent Batten: Local regulations a thing of the past?

Imagine an enterprising entrepreneur comes up with an idea for an all-night gun range/strip club/salvage yard next door to your new home. And there’s not a darn thing you or your county commissioners can do about it. It sounds extreme, but leaders of the Florida Association of Counties, a lobbying group devoted to maintaining home rule for local governments, worry that something along those lines could happen. House Bill 17 is one of hundreds of pieces of legislation filed in advance of the March session of the Florida Legislature.

Citrus County Chronicle

What draws people to Citrus County?

Ask a good number of people why they moved to Citrus County from northern climes, and they’ll be of one voice: the warm temperatures and sunny skies. That’s been pretty much the main motivator for relocations to all of Florida for decades, although the Carolinas and Arizona have been making inroads. But Florida remains in the top five states that Americans prefer to move to: the others, according to a recent Harris Poll, are California, Hawaii, Colorado and New York.

Sarasota Herald Tribune

Sarasota County to fund public safety projects

SARASOTA — Sarasota County's next budget will include $20.5 million to at least start to address all three of the public safety improvement projects originally proposed for a major voter referendum last fall. The new appropriation will fully fund a $16.5 million plan to buy and renovate office space just off Interstate 75 for a new Sheriff's Office administration center. It will also pay for the design and permitting processes for a new Sheriff's Office fleet facility on Honore Avenue, for $1.8 million, and improvements to the south county courthouse and R.L. Anderson Administration Building in Venice for $2.2 million.