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Orlando Sentinel

Some do's and don'ts as the Florida Legislature careens into its final days | Editorial

Time is running out on the Florida Legislature. Less than two weeks remain. Before that happens, we’ve made a little list of do’s and mostly don’ts. Arming teachers. Don’t do it. Teachers don’t want this. Administrators don’t either. Practically no one does except those who believe the answer to school shootings is flooding the zone with guns. This is a misguided response to the tragedy in Parkland. Senate Bill 7030 has plenty to speak for it outside of the provision to put guns in classrooms. Cooler heads need to prevail.

Charlotte Sun

House passes slimmed-down regulation bill

A bill prohibiting local governments from imposing additional licensing requirements was passed in the Florida House of Representatives last week. But it’s gone through some changes since it was filed Feb. 6 by State Rep. Michael Grant (R-Port Charlotte). Before its passing, Preemption of Local Occupational Licensing, or HB 3, went through three different committees: the business and professions subcommittee, the state affairs committee and the commerce committee. Each gave its analysis, and voted favorably, for the bill.

Tallahassee Democrat

'Home Rule' often violates the rule of law | Opinion

How many city commissioners does it take to ban a light bulb in Florida? Only three in most cases, a simple majority (depending on how many members sit on the board). These local politicians can ban your entire business as well. Or have you arrested for drinking beer on the beach. Or make it too painful and expensive to acquire an occupational license to earn a living and practice your craft. The list goes on and on. What’s worse is that local governments can do it all year long.