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The Villages Daily Sun

Sunny 2017-18 Budget Outlook For Sumter

Budget and property tax cuts, with no degradation in essential public services. That message jumped off the pages of the budget letter that County Administrator Bradley Arnold distributed last week to the Sumter County Commission. Although he anticipated much of the letter’s content, commission Chairman Doug Gilpin required a moment to reflect on the impact of the 2017-18 county budget on his constituents. “Well, the first thing that came to mind, I had to take a step back and not take it for granted,” Gilpin said.

Tampa Bay Times

Saturday's letters: Local government responsive to citizens

Last week, I was surprised by fellow Republican Richard Corcoran's remarks at a Tampa breakfast. The Florida House speaker praised top-down Tallahassee solutions and claimed state politicians are less susceptible to special interest influence than local leaders. "To get something through in Tallahassee," Corcoran argued, "you've got to get something through one chamber with 120 people, something through another chamber that has 40 people, and then you have an executive with veto power."


Powell named ‘county champion’

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – The Florida Association of Counties (FAC) said Senator Bobby Powell demonstrated such “awareness and support” of county issues during the 2017 Legislative Session that it honored him with its 2017 County Champion Award. The award will be presented on Wednesday, June 28 during the Tallahassee-based FAC’s Annual Conference & Educational Exposition at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, located at 650 Okeechobee Boulevard. This is the association’s first conference in Palm Beach County and it will be held June 27-30.