NTIA, FCC and USDA Announce Interagency Agreement to Coordinate Broadband Funding Deployment 

June 25, 2021  

Source: NTIA, FCC, & USDA 


NTIA Creates First Interactive Map to Help Public See the Digital Divide Across the Country 

June 17, 2021  

Source: NTIA 


NTIA Launches Updated Federal Broadband Funding Guide 

June 15, 2021  

Source: NTIA 


President’s Budget Calls for Investments in Broadband, Securing Supply Chains, and Wireless Research | National Telecommunications and Information Administration (doc.gov) 

June 1, 2021   

Source: NTIA 


Commerce Department’s NTIA Announces $288 Million in Funding Available to States to Build Broadband Infrastructure 

May 19, 2021   

Source: NTIA 



May 12th, 2021  

Source: FCC 


FCC to Launch $7.17 Billion Connectivity Fund Program 

May 11th, 2021  

Source FCC 


Gov. DeSantis signs rural broadband expansion bill 

May 7th, 2021  

Source: Florida Politics 


Legislature passes rural broadband expansion bill 

April 28th, 2021  

Source: Florida Politics 


Lawmakers agree on broadband access, differ on funding 

March 15th, 2021  

Source: Florida Politics 


FCC Adopts Report and Order for Emergency Broadband Benefit Program 

February 26th, 2021  

Source: FCC 


FCC announces billions of dollars in awards to provide rural areas with broadband access 

December 7th, 2020 


Constitutional challenge may stall rural broadband initiatives throughout Va. 

November 17, 2020 

Source: Culpeper Times Newspaper 


States Tap Federal CARES Act to Expand Broadband 

Coronavirus relief funding supports access and infrastructure 

November 16, 2020 

Source: PEW 


In rural ‘dead zones,’ school comes on a flash drive 

November 15, 2020 

Source: NYT 


High-speed broadband internet emerges as critical quality of life issue in Alabama 

November 11, 2020 

Source: Montgomery Advertiser 


5G’s Early Business Adopters Explore New Generation of Wireless Applications 

Business users in areas such as auto manufacturing are driving most of the applications, at least for now 

November 10, 2020 

Source: WSJ 


Private 5G Networks Are Bringing Bandwidth Where Carriers Aren’t 

Impatient for faster connectivity for everything from smart factories to rural broadband, companies are rolling out their own networks. 

November 7, 2020 

Source: WSJ 



October 22, 2020 

Source: South Florida Times 


Broadband Internet Promises Are Left Unfulfilled in Many Rural Areas 

The lack of access, despite billions spent, has made it harder for the unconnected to work and study during Covid-19 

October 22, 2020 

Source: WSJ 


COVID-19 brings new urgency to the need for rural broadband access 

October 16, 2020 

Source: NonDoc – Oklahoma 


In Internet Dead Zones, Rural Schools Struggle With Distanced Learning 

September 28, 2020