June 26, 2024

Daily Detailed Agendas

8:00am – 6:30pm

Room Bonnet Creek I – IX

Join us in the Exhibit Hall! There is a ton of swag and more importantly companies on hand that are experts in helping counties finding better more cost-effective solutions to the challenges you are facing!

Breakfast is served! Join us for a continental breakfast in the exhibit hall Wednesday morning from 8 - 9:30am!

Thanks to the Florida Manufactured Housing Association coffee will be provided all day in the exhibit hall!

Special thanks to FP&L a beautiful charging lounge is also available in the exhibit hall! It's a great place to take or make a phone call, send a few emails or just rest your feet in between workshops.

9:00am – 5:15pm

Room: Citrus/Collier/Columbia

Florida Association of County Engineers and Road Superintendents Logo

The Florida Association of County Engineers and Road Superintendents will host a great series of workshops and sessions focusing on technical topics along with leadership skills and ethics | laws and rules for engineers. FAC Public Policy will also provide a comprehensive briefing on all things 2024 Legislative Session and state and federal transportation agencies are slated for updates for this year’s workshops.

10:00am – 12:30pm

Room: Palm Beach

10:00am – 5:00pm

Room: Hamilton/Indian River

10:30am – 12:30pm

Room: Floridian D-I

Join us as we recognize FAC’s leader volunteers and celebrate the above and beyond achievements of Florida’s county commissioners throughout the year.


  • Pledge led by Orange County Honor Guard
  • Welcome by Orange County Mayor Jerry Demmings
  • Presentation of County of the Quarter Award
  • Presentation of FSA Awards
  • Presentation of the Presidential Advocacy Awards
  • Presentation of the County Champion Awards
  • Presentation of the Marlene Young Award

12:30 – 1:30pm

Room: Nassau

Participants tell us they are concerned about running out of money in retirement and are looking for pension-like solutions as part of their employer’s deferred compensation retirement plan. Come learn how Nationwide has created in-plan solutions to help participants protect their hard-earned retirement savings assets and generate guaranteed income in retirement. SPEAKER: Ed Malone, Sales Director, Protected Retirement, Nationwide

1:45 – 3:15pm

Room: Floridian A

As one of the fastest growing areas in the nation, the Tampa Bay region continues to see significant increases in population year after year. Given this explosive growth, planners must consider residents’ diverse housing and mobility needs. This session will explore how these needs are being addressed at the local level. This includes research on redevelopment and parking reform for affordable and transit-supportive projects, incentives for diverse housing types and mixed-use centers within unincorporated Hillsborough County, and successful strategies for allowing Accessory Dwelling Units and Missing Middle housing in Pinellas County, including the adoption of zoning reforms in St. Petersburg.

SPEAKER: Stefanie McQueen, Senior Land Use and Transportation Planner, HDR

SPEAKER: Katrina Corcoran, AICP, Principal Planner, Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission

SPEAKER: Steven Schukraft, AICP, National Community Planning Practice Group Leader, HDR

SPEAKER: Rodney Chatman, AICP, Planning Division Manager, Forward Pinellas

1:45 – 3:15pm

Room: Floridian B

In this workshop, attendees will navigate the intricate landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) with clarity and confidence. Through interactive sessions and practical demonstrations, participants will unravel the complexities of AI applications relevant to county governance. Guided by experts, they’ll explore how AI can enhance decision-making processes, streamline administrative tasks, and optimize resource allocation within local administrations. By fostering a deeper understanding of AI’s potential and implications, this workshop empowers local officials to harness its benefits effectively, ensuring informed and strategic integration into their communities.

Gregg Weiss

SPEAKER: Gregg Weiss, Commissioner, Palm Beach County

SPEAKER: Matt Peters, Chief Technology Officer, CAI

SPEAKER: Charlie Schaeffer, Microsoft, Public Safety & Justice Strategy

SPEAKER: Uday Katira, AI & Data Leader, State, Local & Higher Education

1:45 – 3:15pm

Room: Floridian C

In the face of rapid development and environmental challenges, preserving Florida’s natural beauty and biodiversity requires innovative strategies and collaborative efforts. This workshop will delve into the mechanisms and strategies essential for generating local funding that can support local land conservation projects and other capital needs. Learn firsthand from county representatives and conservation finance experts who have worked to secure funding and implement effective land conservation initiatives, demonstrating tangible results and sharing valuable lessons learned. In the wake of increasing development, this workshop offers invaluable knowledge and resources to generate funding and advance local land conservation. Join us in shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.

SPEAKER: Meredith Budd, Director, Strategic Initiatives, Live Wildly Foundation

SPEAKER: Brandon Arrington, Commissioner, Osceola County

SPEAKER: Pegeen Hanrahan, Conservation Finance Director, Trust for Public Land

SPEAKER: Taco Pope, County Manager, Nassau County

3:15 – 3:45pm

Room: Exhibit Hall

3:45 – 5:15pm

Room: Floridian A

What makes a political ad effective? It’s more than just finding your audience and delivering a sound message. After reaching someone, it’s time to persuade, inform or motivate. And not all advertising is created equal. Increasingly, we can apply science to the art of creating political communications. This presentation and discussion cover the subtle science of advertising design and explore how candidates, campaigns and causes can create better advertising that moves numbers, changes minds and shapes outcomes.

SPEAKER: Ryan Houck, Partner, Consensus Communications

3:45 – 5:15pm

Room: Floridian B

Affordable Housing continues to be a significant challenge affecting individuals and families across our region. We aim to facilitate crucial discussions and collaborations that can drive meaningful change in addressing the affordable housing crisis. This issue not only impacts access to safe and stable housing but also contributes to the ability of individuals and families to work, live, and play within the same community. This workshop will bring solutions for local governments, emphasizing the Live Local initiative, a pressing issue pushed by state leaders over the past few years. Attendees will hear from experts across the affordable housing landscape, who will touch on the supply and demand for affordable housing within your communities and address funding and financial solutions for these projects.

SPEAKER: Oscar Anderson, Managing Partner, The Southern Group

SPEAKER: Anne Ray, Director of the Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse, Shimberg Center for Housing Studies

SPEAKER: Jeremy Susac, Vice President of Government Affairs, Lennar Homes

SPEAKER: Marisa Button, Managing Director of Strategic Initiatives, Florida Housing Finance Corporation

SPEAKER: Tajiana Ancora-Brown, External Affairs Director, Walt Disney World Resort

3:45 – 5:15pm

Room: Floridian C

Public transportation has gone unchanged for the last 50 years and has seen a significant decrease in ridership over the past decade. Join us for an insightful session on “Revolutionizing Public Transportation with Innovative Microtransit Solutions,” designed specifically for county officials. This workshop will explore the transformative impact of microtransit services like Freebee on local transportation systems. Learn how these flexible, on-demand transit solutions can enhance community connectivity, reduce traffic congestion, and provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional public transport. Discover real-world case studies, implementation strategies, and the benefits of integrating microtransit into your county’s transportation planning. Gain the knowledge and tools needed to drive innovation and improve mobility in your community.

5:30 – 6:30pm

Room: Exhibit Hall

They always say you should mix business with charity! Come network for a cause in the exhibit hall where more than 20 of our exhibitors have generously donated school supplies for children in Okeechobee County. You know the drill! Bring your family and friends, grab a cocktail and a backpack, fill the backpack with school supplies and stuff the yellow bus in the center of the hall!

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