What's on tap at #FACAC2023

Tuesday, June 27th

This course is designed to give commissioners an understanding of Florida’s stringent ethics laws. Participants will broaden their knowledge of ethics requirements for elected officials, gain understanding of the Sunshine and Public Records Laws, learn about reporting requirements, and become familiar with the process of an ethics complaint.


Separate registration is required to attend this workshop.

Simulate the worst case scenario in this exclusive workshop. Face the planned and unplanned of a cyber attack. Is your county ready? What is your role as an elected official? Experts from CyberFlorida will show you how to prepare your county for cyber attacks.

Wednesday, June 28th

It is our mission to help connect counties to businesses and services that help reduce costs and raise efficiency.  Be sure to visit with the more than 150 companies and organizations while you are here!

Use this dedicated time to meet with the business and organizations that support local governments and the communities they serve

Jeb Bush is the 43rd governor of the State of Florida, serving from 1999 through 2007. He was the third Republican elected to the state’s highest office and the first Republican in the state’s history to be reelected. He was most recently a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.  


Governor Bush remained true to his conservative principles throughout his two terms in office – cutting nearly $20 billion in taxes, vetoing more than $2.3 billion in earmarks and reducing the state government workforce by more than 13,000. His limited government approach helped unleash one of the most robust and dynamic economies in the nation, creating 1.3 million net new jobs and improving the state’s credit ratings, including achieving the first ever triple-A bond rating for Florida. 


During his two terms, Governor Bush championed major reform of government, in areas ranging from health care and environmental protection to civil service and tax reform. His top priority was the overhaul of the state’s failing education system. Under Governor Bush’s leadership, Florida established a bold accountability system in public schools and created the most ambitious school choice programs in the nation. Today, Florida remains a national leader in education and is one of the only states in the nation to significantly narrow the achievement gap. 


Governor Bush is also known for his leadership during two unprecedented back-to-back hurricane seasons, which brought eight hurricanes and four tropical storms to the state of Florida in less than two years. To protect the state from loss of life and damage caused by catastrophic events, such as hurricanes, Bush worked tirelessly to improve the state’s ability to respond quickly and compassionately during emergencies, while also instilling a ‘culture of preparedness’ in the state’s citizenry. 

Jackson County “FOR”

Floridian B

What are you known FOR? What do you want to be known FOR? Join Jackson County Administration for an in depth look at the concept of being “FOR.” The tagline “FOR Jackson, FOR Future, FOR You” encapsulates the spirit of this workshop, highlighting the commitment of County Government to prioritize the needs and well-being of its residents. This workshop emphasizes the importance of a citizen-centric approach to local government, with county officials exploring innovative ways to enhance public services, promote transparency, and engage with the community. Learn how this organizational concept can aid in bridging the gap between citizen and local government, as well as develop healthy staff culture. This concept can be used to foster a sense of inclusivity, empowerment, and collaboration, with county officials and citizens working hand in hand to build a prosperous and vibrant community. We hope this workshop will leave you feeling inspired and motivated, with a renewed sense of purpose to serve the people of your County with integrity and excellence.

Socialize for a good cause!  This year we will be filling bags with essential items to help our U.S. servicemen and women in need!

Thursday, June 29

Friday June 30th



Green Beret Mark Nutsch shares the declassified true story of the heroic bravery of a small band of Special Forces soldiers who
secretly entered Afghanistan following 9/11 and rode to war on horseback. 

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