What's on tap at #FACAC2024

Tuesday, June 25

This course is designed to give commissioners an understanding of Florida’s stringent ethics laws. Participants will broaden their knowledge of ethics requirements for elected officials, gain understanding of the Sunshine and Public Records Laws, learn about reporting requirements, and become familiar with the process of an ethics complaint.

Separate registration is required to attend this workshop.

Wednesday, June 26

It is our mission to help connect counties to businesses and services that help reduce costs and raise efficiency.  Be sure to visit with the more than 150 companies and organizations while you are here!

Use this dedicated time to meet with the business and organizations that support local governments and the communities they serve

Participants tell us they are concerned about running out of money in retirement and are looking for pension-like solutions as part of their employer’s deferred compensation retirement plan. Come learn how Nationwide has created  in-plan solutions to help participants protect their hard-earned retirement savings assets and generate guaranteed income in retirement.

Thursday, June 27

In a world of “fake news” and “filter bubbles”, can you really maintain friendships with people who disagree with you? If Robbie George and Cornel West are any indication, the answer is not only yes, but that people on “the other side of the aisle” can be the best of friends.

Friday June 28

Hear real tales of the spy life from former CIA agent James Olson!