As the next generation of wireless technology, 5G promises advances in speed and capability that users have only dreamed of before. With these new advancements, counties are going to have to adapt and potentially change the way they currently work in order to keep up. FAC created this page as resource for our members to receive updates about the telecommunications industry and the steps FAC is taking to ensure that local governments are apart of the process. 


FAC is determined to keep counties informed when it comes to the implementation of the 5G (small cell) network. This work summary shows every meeting FAC has had so far, what was discussed, and what industry experts where present. 

Missed the workshop at the 2017 Annual Conference? The Workshop Script contains a brief summary of what was discussed during the meeting. 


How does Florida law compare to the pending FCC ruling? In this side by side comparison, see how the two are alike and where they differ. 

Have some questions? Regulating small cells can be challenging, read this FAQ for a clear understanding of what local governments can do, what is required from them, and the overall process. 


FAC held a workshop on small cell legislation during our 2018 Legislative Conference. Click on the icon to view a copy of the PowerPoint presentation attendees received.