Sponsor: Grant (M)

Preempts licensing of occupations to state; provides exceptions; prohibits local governments from imposing additional licensing requirements or modifying licensing; specifies that certain local licensing that does not meet specified criteria does not apply & may not be enforced; specifies that certain specialty contractors are not required to register with Construction Industry Licensing Board; prohibits local governments from requiring certain specialty contractors to obtain license; specifies job scopes for which local government may not require license; authorizes counties & municipalities to issue certain journeyman licenses.


Sponsor: DiCeglie 

Requires two-thirds vote of certain county governing boards to authorize discretionary sales surtax; requires local government discretionary sales surtax referenda to be held on specified date; requires such referenda to be approved by specified percentage of voters for passage; revises requirements & procedures for discretionary sales surtax performance audits; requires OPPAGA, upon receiving certain notice, to procure certified public accountant for performance audit; requires supervisor of elections to verify petition signatures & retain signature forms in specified manner; provides that an initiative sponsor's failure to comply with specified requirements renders any referendum held void.


Sponsor: Andrade / Hooper; Co-Sponsors: Killebrew, LaMarca, McClure, Overdorf, Sabtini / - 

Revises amounts of retainage that local governmental entities & contractors may withhold from progress payments for construction services contract; revises requirements for DMS rules governing certain contracts; revises amounts of retainage that public entities & contractors may withhold from progress payments for construction services contract.


Sponsor: Fine / Gruters 

Authorizes DEP to provide grants for certain projects identified in Indian River Lagoon Comprehensive Conservation & Management Plan; directs DEP to submit annual report regarding projects to Governor & Legislature; requires local governments to submit annual reports regarding projects to DEP & water management districts; requires wastewater facilities permitted under National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System program that unlawfully discharge certain amount of raw or partially treated sewage to provide written notification; provides penalties; provides for such facilities to make certain upgrades & repairs.


Sponsor: Andrade / Perry; Co-Sponsors: Grieco, Sabatini, Smith (D) / - 

Requires governing board of local government to consider estimated costs of certain projects using generally accepted cost-accounting principles that account for specified costs when making specified determination; requires local government that performs project using its own services, employees, & equipment to disclose actual costs of project after completion to Auditor General; requires Auditor General to review such disclosures as part of his or her routine audits of local governments; requires estimated total construction project costs for certain projects to include specified costs.


Sponsor: Donalds / Grueter; Co-Sponsors: Andrade, Beltran, McClain, Sabatini / -

Revises minimum requirements for adoption of impact fees by specified local governments; exempts water & sewer connection fees from Florida Impact Fee Act.


Sponsor: Fischer / Brandes

Exempts autonomous vehicles & operators from certain prohibitions; provides that human operator is not required to operate fully autonomous vehicle; authorizes fully autonomous vehicle to operate regardless of presence of human operator; provides that automated driving system is deemed operator of autonomous vehicle operating with system engaged; authorizes Florida Turnpike Enterprise to fund & operate test facilities; provides requirements for operation of on-demand autonomous vehicle networks; revises registration requirements for autonomous vehicles.


Sponsor: Toledo / Brandes

Authorizes county or municipality to regulate operation of micromobility devices & for-hire motorized scooters; authorizes county or municipality to require licensure; requires proof of certain insurance coverage; provides that regulation of micromobility devices & for-hire motorized scooters is controlled by state & federal law; provides that operator has all rights & duties applicable to rider of bicycle; provides that person is not required to have valid driver license to operate micromobility device or motorized scooter; authorizes parking on sidewalk; exempts micromobility devices & motorized scooters from certain emblem requirements.


Sponsor: Hutson, Co-Sponsor: Bradley

Prohibiting local government entities from adopting or enforcing local ordinances or regulations relating to single-use plastic straws before a specified date; requiring the Department of Environmental Protection, or an entity designated by the department, to conduct a study evaluating the environmental impact of single-use plastic straws; providing penalties for violations of the moratorium by a local government entity; preempting the regulation of over-the-counter proprietary drugs or cosmetics to the state.


Sponsor: Fine, Sabatini; Co-Sponsors: Hill, McClure, Perez, Roach

Prohibits local government entities from adopting or enforcing ordinances & regulations relating to single-use plastic straws; requires DEP or designated entity to conduct study evaluating environmental impact & submit report to Legislature; provides for lift of moratorium; provides penalties.


Sponsor: Fischer / Hutson 

Revises provisions related to registrations & renewals of communications service providers; specifies limitations on municipal & county authority to regulate & manage municipal & county roads or rights-of-way; prohibits certain municipalities & counties from electing to impose permit fees; prohibits municipalities & counties from actions relating to aerial or underground communications facilities; adds prohibited acts by authorities relating to small wireless facilities; prohibits authorities from actions relating to registrations, applications, permits, & approvals in small wireless facilities; authorizes civil action for violations.


Sponsor: Robinson / Gruters; Co-Sponsors: Drake, Smith (D) / - 

Prohibits local government from carrying forward more than specified amount of unexpended revenue; provides exception; revises requirements for expenditure of certain unexpended revenue. 


Sponsor: Sabatini / Hutson; Co Sponsor: Hill / -

Provides for award of attorney fees & costs & damages in successful civil actions challenging local ordinances as being preempted by State Constitution or state law; provides exceptions.


Sponsor: Andrade / Albritton

Providing that the Department of Transportation consists of a central office that establishes policies and procedures and districts that carry out certain projects; requiring certain preservation goals to include ensuring that a specified percentage of the pavement in each of the department’s districts meet department standards by a specified year; prohibiting local governments from adopting standards or specifications that are contrary to the department standards or specifications for permissible use of aggregates and materials that have been certified for use. 


Sponsor: Grant (J) / Diaz; Co-Sponsor: Sabatini / - 

Preempts to state regulation of vacation rentals, with exception; revises application requirements for vacation rental licensure; requires Division of Hotels & Restaurants of DBPR to make certain vacation rental license information available on its website. 


Sponsor: Roach

Prohibits municipality from purchasing specified real properties, attempting to annex specified areas, & levying or collecting specified taxes on certain products & devices; revises circumstances under which state of emergency declaration tolls & extends remaining period for certain permits & authorizations; prohibits local government entity from imposing additional requirements for maximum fuel supply or safe temperature & cooling requirements related to comprehensive emergency management plan of nursing homes & assisted living facilities; preempts regulation of single-use plastic straws & over-counter proprietary drugs & cosmetics to state; preempts establishment of requirements for alternate generated power sources to state & EOG; preempts establishment of minimum age for sale or delivery of tobacco products, nicotine products, & nicotine dispensing devices to state.


Sponsor: Grant (J) / Lee

Providing applicability relating to claims that involve one or more residential properties which are brought as a result of certain regulations or ordinances; authorizing a property owner to waive a jury and request that the court make a determination of compensation; authorizing a property owner to bring an action to declare a prohibited exaction invalid. 


Sponsor: Albritton 

Prohibiting certain local government ordinances or regulations from requiring a permit, application, notice, fee, or fine for certain activities regarding trees on residential property; establishing a property owner bill of rights; providing that such bill of rights does not provide a cause of action.


Sponsor: Commerce Committee, Fischer / Lee

Prohibiting a county from adopting or imposing a requirement in any form relating to affordable housing which has specified effects; requiring that a county review the application for completeness and issue a certain letter within a specified period after receiving an application for approval of a development permit or development order; requiring a local government to credit certain contributions, constructions, expansions, or payments toward any other impact fee or exaction imposed by local ordinance for public educational facilities, etc. 


Sponsors: Duran, Toledo, Health & Human Services Committee

Preempts establishment of minimum age for sale or delivery of tobacco products, nicotine products, or nicotine dispensing devices to the state; provides it is unlawful for qualified physician to issue a certificate for marijuana in a form for smoking to patient under 21 years of age; requires standard informed consent form to include specified health effects to persons under 21 years of age; revises age for smoking near school property; revises prohibited age related to sale, delivery, gift, possession, & purchase of tobacco products; provides it is unlawful to misrepresent age or military service to acquire tobacco products; revises provisions relating to restrictions on sale & delivery of nicotine products or nicotine dispensing devices.