Today, FAC's executive committee met with executive committee members of the Florida League of Cities and Florida School Boards association to discuss the upcoming legislative session and the share issues facing counties, cities, and school boards.


The Officers received a comprehensive overview of Florida's economic Outlook by Amy Baker the Coordinator for the Office of Economic & Demographic Research.  She shared tha Florida's economy was rising but at a much slower pace than we saw prior to the Great Recession.


Steve Vancore a Parnter with VancoreJones Communications shared his perspective on the outcome of local and state elections.  Final State Senator Bill Montford talked about the upcoming 2015 Legislative Session and the larger issues that are expected such as the implementation of Amendment 1 and Education funding.


This meeting, on its 10th year, is a great opportunity to collaborate with other local leaders who share many of the same mission to preserve and strengthen home rule.