This Session, the Legislature passed a series of bills that changed civil and criminal laws related to sexual offenders and predators (SB 522, 524, 526 and 528).  Specifically, SB 522 places new reporting requirements on jails related to persons with qualifying sexually violent offenses. Beginning July 1, 2014, jails will be required to (1) notify DCF and the state attorney when a person convicted of a sexually violent offense comes into custody; and (2) collect and send information regarding the inmate to DCF’s Multidisciplinary Team, after being notified by the state attorney that the inmate is being referred to DCF for civil commitment.

The Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) is working with  the f DCF’s Sexually Violent Predator Program regarding the implementation of SB 522 and has assembled a workgroup of stakeholders to  discuss the process.  The workgroup includes agencies currently involved in the process (FDLE, DOC, and DCF), Jail Administrators, the Florida Association of Counties, and the Prosecuting Attorneys Association.  The workgroup’s first meeting is in the process of getting scheduled. After reviewing best practices for the notification and data collection, FSA will hold a series of training webinars and work to answer any questions regarding implementation.  FAC will keep you apprised of information that comes out of the workgroup.