From The Ferguson Group

On May 22, the Senate passed the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014 (WRRDA) by a vote of 91-7, sending the measure (HR 3080) to the President's desk for his signature.  The Senate action followed House approval of the bill on May 20 by a vote of 412-4.  The WRRDA 'conference report' (final House-Senate compromise version) authorizes new Corps of Engineers water projects for eventual funding, and provides policy guidance to the Corps.  The last WRDA was enacted in 2007.  WRRDA 2014 revises the process for authorizing new Corps projects and for 'de-authorizing' old projects that have not been funded.  It also directs the Corps to revamp its levee safety standards, creates a new pilot program (WIFIA) for financing of non-federal water supply and wastewater projects, and streamlines environmental and economic review of proposed new Corps projects.