FAC is currently in the process of establishing a County Medicaid Workgroup, which will be tasked with exploring alternative approaches to the county-by-county distribution of the Medicaid cost share pursuant to s. 409.915, F.S., as amended by SB 1520 during the 2013 Legislative Session.  SB 1520 eliminated the claims-based billing system and created a formula-based county Medicaid contribution.  For the next two fiscal years (through FY 2014-15), county costs are fixed amounts, based on actual collections during FY 2012-13; however, beginning in FY 2015-16, individual county contributions begin a five-year transition to a formula based purely on Medicaid enrollment by county.  Based on current projections, the transition to enrollment could result in significant cost swings for some counties.  Over the next several months, workgroup members will use AHCA-supplied data to develop recommendations for a more fair and equitable distribution of the county Medicaid contribution.  The FAC Health and Human Services Policy Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs will serve as joint chairs of the workgroup.

FAC is seeking county staff volunteers with relevant technical, budget, and policy knowledge to serve on the County Medicaid Workgroup.  The workgroup will be meeting on a monthly basis via webinar or conference call, as well as in-person during FAC conferences and other convenient times.  The first meeting will take place on September 18th during the FAC Policy Conference in Palm Beach County, although the schedule has not yet been finalized.

Additional information on the workgroup objectives and structure can be found here.   Please contact Susan Harbin if you are interested in serving on the County Medicaid Workgroup.