NACo recently released its latest update on the effort of counties and other local government associations to persuade Congress to preserve the tax-exempt status of municipal bonds during the ongoing tax reform discussions.  NACo staff is encouraging member counties and state partner associations to remember that … “the tax reform process has evolved into more of a marathon rather than a sprint, and keeping a consistent pace of engaging your delegation will be critical in the coming months”

Read the NACo update

To view the latest update from NACo on the Municipal Bond issue click here.  The update includes information on the following:

  • House Muni Bond Resolution  (H.Res. 112)
  • Senate “Blank Slate”  Tax Reform Exercise
  • 14 Senators Sent Letter to President Urging Support for Municipal Bonds
  • NACo, USCM and NLC Led Letter with 59 National Organizations Supporting Municipal Bonds during March Senate Budget Debate
  • Ways and Means Committee Tax Reform Working Groups
  • Senate Finance Committee Tax Reform Option Papers

Florida County Action during Summer Recess

Congress is scheduled to leave for the summer recess beginning August 5 through early September. NACo and FAC are encouraging member counties to actively engage their members of Congress as they travel home, the recess will provide a great opportunity to schedule meetings and project tours with them and their staff to discuss the importance of municipal bonds to your local communities.

Municipal Bond Data and Resources

For additional resources on this issue please view and utilize the resources listed on on FAC’s Federal webpage:  or NACo’s special issue webpage: .