The Florida Trust appointed Polk County Commissioner Ed Smith to their Board this month.  Commissioner Smith will join an elite group of government officials on the Trust Board that is responsible for the oversight and transparency of the fund.  The portfolio structure has been designed to add value over short term alternatives such as money market funds, while maintaining safety of principal and liquidity.  The Florida Trust Short Term Bond Fund was the third local government investment pool in the nation to receive a rating from Standard & Poor’s. Its bond fund risk is S-1 and it maintains an AAAf credit quality rating. The Florida Trust was co-created by the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) and the Florida Association of Court Clerks and Comptrollers (FACC) in 1991. The program is governed by a six member board of trustees, all of whom are local elected officials and informed by an advisory committee of six county appointees. The Florida Trust uses an independent investment adviser, custody bank and administrator which provides for a series of checks and balances. S&P reviews the portfolio on a monthly basis and the board meets no less than quarterly.  For more information, contact Latoya Washington at 850-922-4300.