After careful consideration the Association must cancel the 2020 FAC Annual Conference & Educational Exposition. During these times of great uncertainty, the Association’s leadership is doubly committed to serving Florida’s counties not only throughout the COVID-19 crisis and ensuing recovery, but also with forethought to preparing for the changing landscape of how Floridians live, work and govern from here on out.
The Association, along with UF/IFAS and FAC’s business partners, are exploring new ways to provide the membership access to innovative educational opportunities and relevant business solutions. We are all looking forward to the 2020 Innovation & Policy Conference in September in Palm Beach County and hope that you'll be able to join your peers there. Please be on the look-out for announcements. 
In the interim, even though the conference has been canceled, the business of FAC must be attended to, including the election and installation of FAC Officers. On Friday, June 12, the FAC Annual Business Meeting will be held virtually so the membership can caucus and elect the Board of Directors representing even districts and the FAC Second Vice President. Registration for the Annual Business meeting is free but you must be registered to attend and vote and only Commissioners are allowed to vote in the election.
Click here to register for the Annual Business Meeting. If you have already registered, your registration will remain intact so you do not need to register for the Annual Business Meeting. 
Click on each candidate's picture to learn more about them and see their submission materials!



How do I register to attend the Annual Business Meeting?
If you had previously registered for the FAC Annual Conference, you are automatically registered from the Annual Business Meeting, therefore, you need to do nothing. If you hadn't previously registered, you simply have to click here to register for the event. The Annual Business Meeting is free to attend.


Will elections for the FAC Board of Directors and Executive Committee still take place? 
Yes. FAC will be hosting the Annual Business Meeting virtually in June and it will be open to everyone registered.  In order to participate in the Annual Business Meeting, you must be registered, however, per FAC bylaws, only commissioners are allowed to vote. 


How will voting during the Annual Business Meeting work?
Prior to the Annual Business Meeting, FAC will be offering training sessions that will provide an overview of the software FAC will be using to conduct voting in a virtual format. Attendance at the training session is strongly encouraged. In order to vote, FAC is requiring attendees to use video so that voters identities can be verified. As a reminder, per FAC bylaws, only commissioners are allowed to vote.


Will I still receive my CCC/ACC/CGE certification?
Yes.  In June, you will still receive your certification and along with press releases to share with your local media.  Graduates will be recognized during the 2020 Innovation & Policy Conference in September in Palm Beach County. 


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, FAC & ICG have been working hard to continue to educate Florida's local leaders through a series of weekly webinars. In light of the cancellation of the 2020 FAC Annual Conference, FAC & ICG will continue hosting weekly webinars to make up for any workshops that would have occurred. CCC/CGE credit is available for all of FAC/ICG live webinars. Check out what FAC & ICG have offered so far!