House and Senate down on energy choice ballot initiative

In filings to the state Supreme Court late Thursday, both the Florida House and Senate said they oppose the petition-driven ballot initiative that would reform how consumers purchase electricity in Florida. The proposal, put forward by the Citizens for Energy Choices political committee, calls for the customers' "right to choose" and would loosen the grip of private utility monopolies. 



Clean energy alliance skeptical of Energy Choice amendment

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy won’t support a proposed Florida Energy Choice amendment. In fact, the group says the ballot measure could ultimately reduce solar power use in the Sunshine State. “Our ‘thread the needle’ philosophy here is to advocate for deep reform, but in a way that does not derail Florida’s current solar development pipeline,” write SACE executive director Stephen Smith.


Energy choice is not the same as deregulation | Opinion

read with great interest Gil Ziffer’s recent column regarding the Citizens For Energy Choices ballot initiative. It is unfortunate that he is either misinformed or misguided as to what our ballot initiative seeks to accomplish. First and foremost our initiative is not “deregulation.” In fact, the current local, state and federal regulations regarding electricity production and distribution will stay in place — and in some instances be enhanced.