Burmese Pythons and other large snakes that have invaded the Everglades and are feasting on its endangered wildlife are Florida’s problem and not cause for a nationwide ban, declared some Republicans in Congress last week.   Although environmentalists believe these snakes will ultimately undermine efforts to restore wildlife as part of a multi-billion-dollar restoration of the Everglades, some congressmen believe that fears of an increase habitat range attributed to global warming are simply overblown.  

This jeopardizes a bill filed by U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney (R-Tequesta) and supported by proponents of Everglades restoration.  Testimony in opposition included members from Florida’s delegation who believe that a nationwide ban is “a solution looking for a problem.” 

It was noted that The Interior Department has already issued an administrative rule banning importation and interstate sales of Burmese Pythons and three other species.

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