The Medicaid Workgroup held its second in-person meeting during the FAC Legislative Conference in Sarasota County.   With several newly elected commissioners in attendance, the Workgroup first received some background information on the existing county-state Medicaid cost sharing relationship as well as a recap of the Workgroup’s initial meeting at the Policy Conference in September.   The Workgroup revisited the draft policy statement first introduced in September, which establishes dissolving the existing statutory county-state contributory relationship as a primary goal, and maintaining the billing system with certain statutory modifications as a fallback position.  Under the direction given by the Workgroup and standing Health and Human Services Policy Committee, over the past few months FAC staff have been exploring different ways to achieve the goals set forth in the policy statement.  FAC staff presented two broad proposals for the Workgroup’s consideration and input as examples of how the counties and state could modify or eliminate the current cost-sharing arrangement in order to reduce the administrative burden on all parties.

In the event that dissolving the county-state Medicaid relationship becomes unfeasible, the policy statement supports a billing relationship whereby counties can continue to review their bills prior to payment and pay from any revenue source, within a specified timeframe.  After significant discussion, the Workgroup moved to recommend the policy statement to the standing Health and Human Services Policy Committee, with additional language clarifying that if the current relationship is maintained, the state must work with the counties to develop an accurate and reliable billing system.  

Significant work must still be done to resolve the Medicaid issue, as FAC staff continue to pursue alternatives that will alleviate the various problems that have plagued the billing process over the past several years. If you need any additional information or clarification, or would like to participate in any upcoming Medicaid Workgroup meetings, please contact Susan Harbin