The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is soliciting new proposals for funding Regional Trail System and Individual Trail projects through the Shared-Use Nonmotorized (SUN) Trail program for inclusion in the Tentative Five Year Work Program development cycle. Projects programmed for this cycle will be funded as early as Fiscal Years 2023/2024.

Authorization for the SUN Trail program is under Section 339.81, Florida Statues. FDOT will consider the following phases of project development: corridor planning, preliminary, and environmental planning; design; acquisition of right-of-way; new construction; or reconstruction of trail surfaces and bridges, and maintenance.

To receive consideration for SUN Trail funding, the District Trail Coordinator must receive a separate, complete “Request for Funding” for each eligible Regional or Individual Trail project with applicable information, including the prioritization and required signatures beginning October 5, 2017 and no later than 5:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, December 15, 2017.

Proposals not meeting the Eligibility Criteria, and ineligible projects and phases will not receive funding consideration. New proposals for funding consideration should be submitted if a project was previously deemed ineligible, but now meets the Eligibility Criteria or if FDOT did not receive project information during the 2016 solicitation period.

Projects must satisfy the four Eligibility Criteria listed below:

  1. Documentation that the project will be developed as a paved multi-use trail within the SUN Trail network, which is aligned to the adopted Florida Greenways and Trails System Priority Land Trail Network; at minimum, this will include transmittal of a map illustrating the project limits within the SUN Trail network, the typical section schematic and other applicable “Request for Funding” information.
  2. Documentation that the project is a priority of the applicable jurisdiction; at minimum, this will include transmittal of an adopted prioritization list of projects and other applicable “Request for Funding” information.
    1. If the project is within a boundary of a Metropolitan/Transportation Planning Organization (MPO), it must be a MPO priority.
    2. For areas outside of MPO boundaries, the project must be a priority of the county (inclusive of their municipalities), tribal government, federal or state agency.
  3. Documentation that a non-FDOT governmental entity is formally committed to the operation and maintenance of the project (long-term trail manager), this will include applicable “Request for Funding” information; and
  4. Documentation that the project is consistent with the applicable comprehensive plan(s), transportation plan(s), or the long-term management plan(s), this will include applicable project concurrency information.

Provide one complete hard copy and one complete electronic copy of the project proposal to your District Trail Coordinator. Each project proposal consists of the following submittal items:

  1. Completed “Request for Funding” (one PDF file)
  2. Aerial Location Map depicting the project limits (one PDF file)
  3. Typical Section (one PDF file)
  4. Prioritization List (one PDF file)
  5. Completed Engineer’s Cost Estimate (one Excel file) prepared and signed by a Professional Engineer from the Engineering Office

Attached is the Schedule and announcement Letter. If you have any questions, comments or need further clarification, contact us. For additional guidance and to download the “Request for Funding,” visit