Tuesday, June 27 from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Experience public transit, water reclamation, natural wetland habitat and the creation of affordable housing in a single one-stop mobile workshop

Take a ride on one of Palm Tran’s newest buses to learn about the latest  technology advances in transit as we head to the Green Cay Nature Center, the  county's nature center that overlooks 100 acres of constructed wetland habitat.

 It was created jointly by the Palm Beach County Utilities Department and the Palm  Beach County Parks and Recreation Department in 2004. This park includes 1.5  miles of elevated boardwalk, which takes visitors through various habitats,  including cabbage palm hammock, cypress swamp, wetland hammock, and  tropical hardwood hammock.

 Palm Beach Parks staff will provide a brief presentation that showcases exhibits  on the water cycle as well as a turtle pond, frog terrarium, American alligator hole  with young live alligators, and a wetland diorama.

The park is a water reclamation facility that the County’s Water Utility Department uses to naturally filter millions of gallons of water each day.  The creation of the wetlands also allowed for the development of affordable housing.

This is truly a unique opportunity to learn about a number of important issues to local governments in a single one-stop mobile workshop.

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Green Cay, Palm Beach County