Duke Energy has spent more than $2.4 billion since 2004 maintaining and strengthening its Florida power delivery system, including inspecting and replacing poles and trimming vegetation and trees. The company also invests in advanced technologies to transform the energy grid into a dynamic system to automatically detect, isolate and reroute power when a problem occurs.

Self-healing systems help reroute customers during outages so interruptions are avoided or limited. Over the last two years, Duke Energy Florida has hosted more than 36 storm preparation sessions and downed power line demonstrations, reaching approximately 2,500 emergency first-responders and customers across its service territory.


Customers have three options for reporting power outages:


  • Online = dukeenergy.com/outages
  • Mobile = text OUT to 57801
  • Phone = call 800.228.8485 (Florida); 800.769.3766 (DEC); 800.419.6356 (DEP)


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