Accela - Accela is offering all affected government entities free access to a cloud based rapid damage assessment solution that can be used by city and county inspectors to streamline the process of evaluating properties for basic life safety, as well as collecting information required for FEMA relief. Accela undertook a similar effort with the City of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Please reach out to Tim Woodbury at for more information.


Thomson Rueters

A Message to Customers Affected By Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Harvey continues to impact South Texas and surrounding areas, the country is watching the news and looking for ways to help. We have seen dramatic rescues by emergency responders, but we're also hearing a number of accounts of neighbors helping neighbors. It's in this spirit that Thomson Reuters is reaching out.


We understand that for areas like Houston, the immediate concerns must be for the safety of loved ones and neighbors, and that the full extent of the damage will not be understood for weeks or longer. But we also want customers affected by the hurricane and its aftermath to know now that we’re here to help.


If you have been impacted by the disaster, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-554-8909, ext. 855588, to let us know that you’re safe and to tell us what your needs are. And when you’re ready to get back on your feet, we’re ready to help.


Here are additional options available during the hurricane recovery phase:


  • Legal Reference Attorneys: Thomson Reuters Westlaw Reference Attorneys will be available 24/7 for impacted Government Attorneys to contact 1-800-REF-ATTY (1-800-733-2889)


  • Hotline: Our Customer Service Disaster Recovery Hotline at 1-800-554-8909, ext. 855588 is fully functional to help affected customers.


  • Deliveries: UPS and the US Postal Service continue to closely monitor the areas affected that are experiencing shipment interruptions.  



  • Legal Research Tools: Impacted Government Legal Libraries will be offered complimentary temporary access to Thomson Reuters Proview (eBook) Legal titles that are normally accessed by Texas Government Libraries. Please let the Customer Service Disaster Recovery Hotline know that your library is impacted.


Kelly Barna

Regional Manager, Sales and Client Management

Thomson Reuters the answer company Phone: 512-331-9397






EY – Post Hurricane Resources


Please see this link that you, your financial and emergency management teams may find helpful as you look at managing the federal funds and insurance claims  This information can be extremely valuable in dealing with your post disaster financial tracking challenges.  Contact Margaret Larson




A not for profit company that offers a variety of disaster recovery resources including a program called “ON HAND”, and free permitting cloud based software that may become highly useful in the post disaster rebuilding.  IBTS also offers significant resources in managing CDBG DR funds and qualifies as a sub recipient for funding to be managed outside of your staff.  Contact Dana Johnston –