The 2017 FAC Annual Conference has 18 workshops focused on the most pressing legislative issues, latest technologies and trends, and so many other issues of importance to counties. We’ve asked the experts to come together in one location to inform and discuss these important and complex issues with attendees.


One such expert is Kristy Dalton the founder and CEO of Government Social Media and the creator and host of GovGirl, a popular online video show focused on government innovation. Kristy served in city government for 10 years and has managed public sector social media since agencies first started creating social profiles. Kristy is the Executive Director of the Government Social Media Organization and the founder of the Government Social Media Conference & Expo. The GovGirl also authors a regular column in ​Government Technology magazine and frequently speaks on tech and social innovation. Kristy Dalton has made it her mission to help local governments and government officials best utilize these tools.


Kristy Dalton, the GovGirl, will present the two workshops on Wednesday afternoon:


County Social Media: How to Best Utilize these Tools

Kristy has broken this hour and a half workshop into three thirty minute sections so that she can review and update attendees on the most effective uses for social media . This workshop will focus on social media issues that can keep you up at night; discuss examples from around the county on how Counties are rocking social media; and best practices when utilizing social media.

Technology Trends & Application to Counties

This workshop will also be sectioned into thirty minute intervals so that Kristy can review and update attendees on the latest technology trends that will be impacting your county; emerging technologies; an introduction to the “Internet of Things”; and, smart infrastructure.


Please plan to attend these two workshops to get your technology questions answered by the GovGirl. Commissioners and county staff that are in attendance for both of these workshop will receive 3 hours of elective credits for both the Certified County Commissioner Program (CCC) and the County Government Education Program.





Click Here for more information about the 2017 FAC Annual Conference and to download the full conference publicity program which includes all of the workshop and event details. Here are a few additional workshops that we would like to showcase:


Preserving Florida’s Beaches: Challenges, Impacts, and Economic Advantages

Nearly half of Florida’s 825 miles of sandy beaches are critically eroded and in need of restoration and management. The erosion of Florida’s beaches is an unrelenting challenge caused by a number of factors including natural wave action, severe weather events, coastal inlets interrupting the movement of sand and poor construction practices. Healthy beaches are vital to protecting Florida’s tourism industry, upland coastal properties, coastal wildlife, and our quality of life. Join us in this workshop as we bring together a panel of experts from state and local governments to discuss the importance of maintaining Florida’s coastlines and the economic benefits that coincide with improving our beaches.


Under Attack: Mass Shootings in Broward and Orange Counties

Last year, Florida was ground zero for two major mass shooting tragedies that deeply affected our county families in both Broward and Orange. On June 12, 2016 the deadliest mass shooting in modern US History happened at the Pulse Night Club in the city of Orlando; 49 people were killed by a lone gunman in the middle of the night. On January 6, 2017, in the middle of the day, 5 people were killed by a lone gunman at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. This workshop will focus on how these two counties reacted and recovered from these horrific incidents-- what happened, how they handled the response, the lessons learned, the new precautions in place, and more.


Cybersecurity: Are You and Your County Protected

Network outages, hacking, computer viruses, and similar incidents affect our lives in ways that range from inconvenient to life-threatening. As the number of mobile users, digital applications, and data networks increase, so do the opportunities for exploitation. With the growing volume and sophistication of cyberattacks, ongoing attention is required to protect sensitive business and personal information, as well as safeguard national security. Commissioner Doug Underhill from Escambia County is a 24-year veteran of the Navy, currently serving as a Commander in the Naval Reserve. As a civilian contractor, he leads a team of Cyber Security Analysts providing services to the Department of Homeland Security. Commissioner Underhill will use his expertise during this workshop to share ways to best safeguard yourself and your county.