It’s that time of year again!  Elections are coming and we need Commissioners who are willing to serve as mentors for our incoming Commissioners in November.  We could have another large class of newly elected members joining us in November and it would be great if we could assign each newly elected Commissioner with a current FAC member willing to guide them through that first year.  If you are interested in serving as an Ambassador for FAC for the coming year, please complete this form letting us know your preferences and we will add you to the list to be paired with an incoming newly elected commissioner. 

Being an Ambassador is easy.  You may recall your first days as a newly elected Commissioner and how overwhelmed you may have felt with everything you needed to know and do in your new role.  Here at FAC, we hope to take some of the anxiety away by reaching out to the newly elected Commissioners the day after the election to welcome them to FAC and to provide them with an Ambassador who may answer any questions without violating the Sunshine Law.  We also reach out to our Ambassadors providing contact information so our volunteers may reach out to the newly elected officials to extend a warm welcome and encourage them to attend our Legislative Conference (November 30-December 2 in Orange County) and New Commissioner Orientation (November 30).  We will also guide you on how to effectively mentor your newly elected Commissioner through emails each month. 

Now, for the even more exciting part of the Ambassador program – what is in it for YOU.  By dedicating your time to be an Ambassador on behalf of FAC, YOU will gain a highly coveted Ambassador ribbon at conference!  All ACC graduates will also earn Torchbearer points.  You have the unique opportunity to engage with our new members from the beginning of their term and you can help them settle into office and become involved with FAC immediately.  Each of you has had a wealth of knowledge and experiences which should be shared.  Mentoring is a rewarding experience and I sincerely hope that you will consider becoming an Ambassador for FAC.  If you have any questions regarding the Ambassador program, please contact Becky Berentsen at 850-414-7936.