General Statement of Job:  This is professional and water resource fieldwork and project management position dealing with the restoration, promotion, and protection of water resources in Lake County.  It also includes scheduling, record keeping, and interaction with co-workers and the public.  The position can grow as the candidate gains additional experience and has demonstrated the ability to meet and exceed expectations for the tasks required.


  1. Reports to the Authority’s Water Resources Director.  Works closely with, coordinates tasks with the Field Services Manager, other staff members, and the NuRF Operations staff.  Performs tasks in accordance with the Authority’s general policies, specific instructions, and experience.
  • Provide professional project management supporting large and small-scale water resource related projects.  Manages consultants and contractors through various phases of project development and implementation.  Inspects work by contractors to ensure compliance with plans and specifications.  Informs other public agencies and members of the public of the purpose and status of assigned projects.
  • Understands the impact of geology, topography, hydraulics, climate, and other factors on water resources.  Utilizes maps, aerial photography, and technical reports in the analysis of existing conditions and the prediction of future trends.  Analyzes and makes recommendations on water resource issues.
  • Develops and presents written and verbal reports to the Water Resources Director, Executive Director, or other audiences as directed.  Makes budget recommendations to the Water Resources Director.
  • Understands and can use scientific literature and technical reference materials and is able to independently seek out answers to questions regarding water resources. Working knowledge of office equipment, PC computers, and Microsoft products is required. Working knowledge of GIS is preferred.
  • Assists in maintenance activities for all the Authority owned dams and rain gauges to ensure proper operation and safety.  Keeps a log to record all activities at each site.  Works with contractors and staff to perform maintenance and repairs on each dam. Assists in the collection, organization and dissemination of water level and rainfall data for the Authority.
  • Familiar with the waterways in Lake County.  Very knowledgeable about the aquatic plants, animals and ecosystems that exist in and around our lakes and waterways. Capable of conveying this knowledge to students and other members of the public as well as other professional agency staff members.
  • Assists in the removal of navigation hazards in waterways, maintenance of navigation aids, and installation and upkeep of waterway signage.  Maintains records of action taken and location of all signage.  Prepares written field inspection reports.
  • Ability to work intermittent, nonstandard office hours including attendance of evening meetings and after duty hour recall to the NuRF as required.
  1. Experienced in operating motor vehicles, watercraft (both outboard motorboats and airboats preferred), and mechanical equipment. 
  1. Familiar with mechanical and chemical management of aquatic plants, and the regulations that pertain to their removal.  Familiar with planting aquatic and wetland native plants.
  1. Capable of obtaining LCWA desired field certifications within 6 months of employment (i.e. aquatic herbicide applicator, stormwater inspector, etc.)
  1. Must be comfortable in field conditions, operating field equipment and with field work that may include, but not be limited to equipment repair, mowing, waterway clearing, and occasional heavy lifting.
  1. Capable of working nonstandard office hours in response to natural disasters and the maintenance of the Authority’s infrastructure and public, navigable waterways in Lake County.
  1. Ability to read and maintain technical equipment such as rain gauges and lake level gauges.
  1. Performs other duties as assigned.

Physical Demands and Working Conditions:

Requires medium to heavy work. Must be able to load, carry, or otherwise move objects weighing up to 50 pounds on a frequent basis and exceptional dexterity and skill in operating vehicles, machinery and tools.

Must be able to walk and/or stand for long periods. Frequently required to sit, type, use hands, fingers, stoop, kneel, and/or crouch, give hand signals, and blow a whistle.

The position is exposed to extreme heat/cold, wet, or humid conditions, bright/dim lights, dust or pollen, intense noise levels, vibration, fumes or noxious odors, moving mechanical parts, electrical shock, heights, traffic, animals/wildlife, toxic or caustic chemicals.

Qualifications:  Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in biology, hydrology, environmental engineering, or a natural science, with an emphasis in limnology, fisheries management or wetland ecology and two years of experience is required.  A master’s degree from an accredited college or university in one of the same fields may substitute for one year of the required experience.  Must possess a valid Florida Driver’s License at time of appointment.  Familiarity with the water resources of Lake County is desirable.

This is a full-time position (37.5 hour work week).

Minimum Salary: $48,089.60

Maximum Salary: $59,268.80

FLSA Status: Exempt