The job summary is as follows:

Under the direction of the City Manager, this position is responsible for planning and organizing the implementation of projects, administering community development activities, and coordinating the implementation of public facility improvements, public services and other related programs for the City. Responsible for overseeing the zoning function, which includes current and long-range planning, real estate, and lands activities; professional project management business outreach activities, rendering leadership in the development of planning and economic programs; implementation of strategies to promote and support growth, expansion, and retention of business within the City. Also responsible for coordinating and carrying out the tasks of the Community Redevelopment Plan and for completing technical work, developing, researching and maintaining public planning studies and programs which involve technical and creative responsibility, conducting research, and preparing detailed studies on land use, zoning, conservation, housing, transportation, population, coastal management, historic preservation, urban design, community redevelopment, and other areas of comprehensive planning activities.

Wage:  $84,405 – $147,709.57 DOE