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Florida tourism industry frets over small rise in tourists, blames funding cut

Tourism industry officials are worried about a possible downturn after third-quarter numbers released Wednesday showed tourist growth of 1.2 percent, the smallest increase since 2010. In all, 31.6 million tourists flocked to Florida between July and September, according to Visit Florida. That’s the most ever for a third quarter, but the tiny year-over-year rise was still a cause for concern to the tourism industry. “It’s scary, this quarter is scary, and that’s where it starts to go down on you,” said Santiago Corrado, president and CEO of Visit Tampa Bay.


Florida consumes 8 times the energy it produces as global energy efficiency progress slows

Darkening clouds hovered over Hutchinson Island, spewing a fine mist onto the twin containment buildings below. The trees leading to Gate B billowed in the evening wind. Inside the towers, uranium atoms were splitting, ultimately generating electricity for about a million homes. The St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant is the larger of Florida Power and Light’s two nuclear facilities in terms of power output. Around the clock it produces low-carbon energy, which the International Energy Agency last week stressed is critical to closing global electricity gaps and combating climate change.

Florida Politics

‘Bolder, brighter, better’: Ron DeSantis rolls out second budget

In his first year in office, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law the largest budget in Florida history. For next year, however, the Governor promises it will be “the lowest general revenue increase in nine years.” On Monday, DeSantis advanced a $91.4 billion budget, a mere 0.4% increase year over year that does not keep pace with population growth. The focus of his budget presentation was key priorities ranging from changes in teacher compensation formulas to more environmental spending. Branded the “A Bolder, Brighter, Better Future Budget,” DeSantis outlined some of the numbers in remarks to reporters in the Governor’s Office.