Glades County

Board of County Commissioners


      March 23, 2021


SALARY RANGE:           $90,000 - $125,000 annually



The Board appointed County Manager is the chief executive officer of the county responsible for providing leadership and direction over all operations of the county and providing administerial guidance to the Board.  The position will be subject to negotiated contractual employment with direct reference to existing County management policies.  Sections below are job requirements and summary of duties and expectations. 


  • Master’s degree in Public Administration from an accredited college or university or bachelor’s degree with a major in public administration, business administration or related field, is preferred.
  • Five (5) or more years of managerial experience in the public sector or demonstration of relevant experience will be considered equivalent if such experiences include advanced familiarity and experience in public administration and/or local government.
  • Familiarity and comprehension of Florida laws relative to all phases of local government including land use, planning, zoning regulations, public safety, and civil engineering involved in public works.
  • Human Resources administration and personnel management with at least ten (10) or more employees.
  • Experience managing budget of government agency or department.
  • Experience in real property and risk management; government financial accounting principles and budgeting.
  • Prior employment in rural areas, including familiarity of agricultural issues, will be significantly favored, particularly if in Florida.
  • Working knowledge of information technology, media and intergovernmental interactions, public relations, grants procurement and administration.
  • Significant favor is considered for experience working and negotiating with public sector.


  • Interpret and administer local, state and federal laws, rules, regulations, codes and/or statutes, including local policies and practices.
  • Develop, implement, administer, and enforce existing Board directives, policies, orders, resolutions, ordinances, and regulations, including government programs.
  • Skilled in comprehending financial information, preparing and managing the annual County budget in accordance with current standard government accounting principles, providing input to the Board during the preparation of the annual budget coordinating with Chief Financial Director and all department heads.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and familiarity with local government accounting theory, principles and procedures, including cash management practices. Frequently review budget expenditure reports with department heads for compliance and uniformity.
  • Analyze complex organizational, operational and management problems, and communicate effectively any technical and complex concepts with clarity, both verbally and in writing.
  • Review County Departments and prepare organizational chart; authorized to select, employ and supervise personnel including delegating and prioritizing job functions; fill positions, suspend or discharge or remove employees in fair and consistent compliance with County’s Personnel Policy, documenting any such actions in written form. Demonstration of quality leadership is expected to provide motivation, training, professional fair evaluations, merit achievements, recommendations for position classifications and pay plans, prevent or mediate conflict and promote positive morale among employees to increase employees’ empowerment and effectiveness. Manager should be well acquainted with all department heads and familiar with departments’ staff.
  • Establish and or approve schedules and procedures to be followed by County departments, offices and agencies.
  • Supervise procurement and purchasing within Board policy requirements of expenditure levels. Establish and enforce county department procurement policies for conformity with budget requirements.
  • Supervise the custody, care and maintenance of all County property, making recommendations concerning the nature and location of county property improvements.
  • Negotiate leases, contracts and other agreements, including consulting services, subject to Board approval, and monitor all such agreements for compliance, notifying the Board of any violations thereof.
  • Standard administrative skills should be enhanced to excel in communications, strategic planning and negotiations, and productive interaction with coworkers, supervisors (all employees), Board members, agency volunteers, other governmental agencies and media.


  • Manager shall attend and participate in all Board meetings unless excused by Chair, to provide comprehensive information regarding agenda items, or professional and technical advice and recommendations that may have arisen after Manager communicates to each Commissioner, prior to scheduled meetings, all information available whether oral or written, concerning each agenda item, with careful attention to providing every commissioner all the same information provided the Chair.
  • Open honest communication between Manager and each commissioner is imperative for informed Board decisions that affect the future of Glades County.  Weekly reports (such as Friday @ Five) should be provided as well as previews of items on Agenda prepared by Manager for Board meetings.
  • Each constitutional office of the County will need the cooperation and expertise of the County Manager, who is expected to cordially and professionally meet with the Officers and or their staff to promote the best interests of Glades County.  Teamwork in serving the citizens of Glades County will promote the aspirations of all concerned.
  • Other local governments, or local and state agencies will at times also need assistance and cooperation with the County Manager, who should willingly assist within the capacity of the county’s top administrative office.
  • Glades County’s population is geographically dispersed, with one incorporated municipality (Moore Haven) and multiple communities that have organized community associations.  County Manager is to confidently represent a positive image of county government to the City and communities, interacting with them to productively promote the safety and welfare of all citizens.  Involvement with City and Community activities is encouraged to create visibility and awareness, thus appropriate responsive action from the county. Such interaction will benefit neighborhood stability and revitalization, economic opportunities and promote quality of life for all Glades County citizens.  Glades County Manager should be a goodwill ambassador, respected by all interactors.
  • County Manager or designee of County Manager shall be the point of information for all published media requests and shall always circumspectly report and present public record facts relative to county matters in a transparent forthright manner, mindful of matters that may require confidentiality.


  • This position is primarily sedentary work; reasonable accommodations will be made to enable individual with disabilities to perform all functions required by this position.
  • A Florida driver’s license will be required with no points accrued.  Copy of license required when submitting application.
  • Performance of duties may include occasional outdoor settings, and occasional overnight stays when necessary.
  • This position should be filled with a qualified individual familiar with the culture and uniqueness of Glades County, and a vested interest in the county with the successful applicant, willing on or before the probationary period of employment ends, to reside in Glades County or within minutes of the county line, is preferable.  Board is cognizant of housing issues in Glades County and will work to help make such a residency transition uncomplicated.
  • County Manager will be encouraged to pursue professional affiliations and certifications and to participate in Small County Coalition and Florida Association of Counties opportunities for county managers.
  • This position along with requiring excellent communication skills, requires the ability to accept constructive criticism and implement needed changes; also, presentations before the Board should be objective with all sides of an issue defined and given without bias, but with recommendation provided when requested.


For questions regarding this position, please contact the Human Resources Department

Christine Bearden, HR Director

500 Avenue J/P.O. Box 1527

Moore Haven, Fl 33471


Office: 863-946-6009

Glades County is a drug-free, non-smoking workplace.

              Veteran’s Preference will be given in accordance with Florida Statutes 295.07