A proposed amendment titled "Energy Choice" seeks to deregulate the electric utility market. While FAC membership has not yet taken a position on electric deregulation, in the meantime, this page will serve as resource to gather information on the subject. As of April 2019, the proposal had 201,609 signatures. In order to make it on the 2020 ballot, it needs 766,200 signatures. 


The ballot summary reads:

"Grants customers of investor-owned utilities the right to choose their electricity provider and to generate and sell electricity. Requires the Legislature to adopt laws providing for competitive wholesale and retail markets for electricity generation and supply, and consumer protections, by June 1, 2025, and repeals inconsistent statutes, regulations, and orders. Limits investor-owned utilities to construction, operation, and repair of electrical transmission and distribution systems. Municipal and cooperative utilities may opt into competitive markets."


Overall, supporters believe the measure will bring Florida in line with other states by allowing them to choose energy providers. Critics counter that more than creating competition, the proposal will break up existing, investor-owned utilities.


Other states have adopted the idea of electric deregulation. Learn more about how they did so and how it could be replicated in Florida and what that would look like. Also, keep up on the latest updates of the status of the proposal in Florida. 

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