Donna Wyche

Division Manager - Mental Health and Homelessness
Orange County -  Health Services Department


Ms. Donna Wyche has spent over 30 years in the social service field in Florida.  She holds a masters degree in Sociology with an emphasis on Sociology of the Family, and is also a Certified Addiction Professional in the State of Florida.  Her career spans over 15 years of clinical and administrative work in the private sector in community mental health and substance abuse, and 20 years in government.  Since 1997 Ms. Wyche has been an employee of Orange County Government, and currently works in the Department of Health Services.  She is presently the Manager of the Mental Health and Homelessness Division.


Her list of accomplishments include the development and implementation of the Orange County Juvenile Assessment Center, the Central Receiving Center (CRC), in Orlando, and the Phase Two CRC Program, ANCHOR, a transitional housing program for the chronically homeless, struggling with serious mental health and addiction issues. 



The CRC project is a central point of access for individuals in crisis due to mental health issues or substance use disorders.  Law enforcement use this facility for crisis services for Orange County and is a model for pre-booking jail diversion.  The project opened April 2003.  She continues to work on new phases of the CRC and on other projects to assist in alleviating homeless issues effecting Orange County.  Currently under her leadership is the children’s mental health initiative called “WrapAround Orange”. 


Donna has been recognized by the Mental Health Association of Central Florida, and the Crisis Intervention Team for her work in the area of mental health and substance abuse in Central Florida.  She is currently working on a collaborative to address and transform the system of care for mental health access for children and youth in Orange County, a direct recommendation of Mayor Jacobs Orange County Youth Mental Health Commission. 






When am I speaking?

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Thursday, June 28

10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.


Contact Information

Office: (407) 836-7608