Florida’s Legislative Process

This course provides guidance for commissioners on the legislative process and how to become an effective advocate for their county. Participants will gain an understanding of the inner workings of the legislature, the key players, and tips on effectively working with state leaders.


Negotiation Skills

This course focuses on the rules and strategies needed for successful negotiations in the public sector. Participants will learn their negotiation style and the strategies needed to improve the negotiation process.


Understanding Charter Government

This course will explain the differences between charter and non-charter counties. Participants will better understand the elements of a charter, the charter process, and the challenges of implementing a charter.


Diversity Training

This course will focus on strengthening county governance and leadership given the ever changing make-up of Florida’s citizens. Participants will understand how their community is changing, how to resolve conflict in a diverse environment and how to lead through the change.


Intergovernmental Relations, Annexation, & CRAs

This course focuses on the challenges facing local government to improve coordination and cooperation between state agencies, local governments, and the federal government. Participants will gain an understanding of how these entities work together, in addition to receiving information on annexations and the Community Redevelopment Act.


Economic Development

This course explains how counties can identify, implement and support successful economic development activities to increase well-paying employment opportunities and create a broader taxbase. Participants will understand the basics about their local economy how to cultivate new companies and retain existing ones.


Labor Relations

This course provides an understanding of the collective bargaining process. Participants will become better acquainted with the roles of elected officials and key staff during labor relations, in addition to learning about “hot topics” regarding labor relations.


Human Resources

This course discusses county human resource management issues and focuses on the importance of cultivating a healthy and productive workplace. Participants will learn about the legal aspects of human resource issues with special emphasis on avoiding litigation in a very complex area of law.


Environmental Planning

This course looks at environmental planning issues affecting Florida’s counties. Participants will be updated on current laws and legislation and the impacts on our state, including “hot environmental topics.”


Effective Communications

This course provides practical hands-on-training of proven communication strategies that will help commissioners better communicate with constituents. Participants will learn to communicate comfortably and effectively in any situation.