November 23, 2020 – Department of Economic Opportunity

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO): Office of Broadband has requested critical information regarding Counties and their current status of broadband accessibility.

The Office of Broadband needs the answer to the two following questions from each county:

  1. Does your county currently have a broadband accessibility plan?  (YES or No)
  2. Please provide a “Point of Contact/Broadband Team leader” for your county that DEO and FAC will utilize to communicate future efforts and implementation plans as they work towards improving broadband access in the state of Florida.  (Name, Phone and Email Address)

Please submit the requested information to

November 23, 2020- Resolution of Support

FAC is encouraging each member county to adopt a resolution in support of the DEO Office of Broadband and its efforts to increase the availability and effectiveness of broadband internet services throughout the state of Florida.

Please view a sample resolution Here.

Please submit adopted resolutions to

November 23, 2020- NACo TestIT

NACo – TestIT: How Fast is Your Broadband

Visit the link above to learn how NACo has collaborated with other stakeholders to develop a mobile app to help communities contribute to more accurate mapping of broadband accessibility.  Then download the App, spread the word in your community and Get to Work!