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On December 2-4, 2020 the Florida Association of Counties will convene its annual legislative conference in Jacksonville, Florida.  At this meeting the following proposed state and federal policies related to ACCESS to broadband and the digital divide will be considered:


State Legislative Action Plan


Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee (ARA) – Proposed Policy


Broadband: SUPPORT increased efforts to promote access to broadband and provide resources to support accessibility, speed and affordability of broadband in Florida.  SUPPORT improving service mapping accurately by requiring more granular data from service providers, allowing crowd source data to be used to inform the map, and creating an appeal process to challenge demonstrable inaccuracies.


Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee (ARA) – Guiding Principle


The Florida Association of Counties supports enhancing programs to increase funding for rural infrastructure, job growth, and workforce development policies and efforts to reduce the digital divide and expand internet access to underserved areas through industry partnerships and collaboration with local stakeholders.


Federal Policy Committee – Proposed Policy


Digital Divide: SUPPORT increasing public funding for construction and mapping of broadband infrastructure.