FAC President-Elect Lee Constantine (Seminole) is looking for county commissioners wishing to serve as Chairs, Vice Chairs and Policy Leaders on Policy Committees; board members of FAC's operational committees; and the FAC Board of Directors in an at-large seat, starting in July of this year.

By submitting your name for consideration, you are committed to advancing the mission of FAC to help Florida's counties effectively serve and represent their communities through advocacy, collaboration and education. To submit your name for consideration, please log in to the FAC portal and complete the questionnaire/survey form HERE.


As a part of the FAC policy leadership team, you would guide the policy development process during FAC's Innovation & Policy Conference and Legislative Conference and, during session, you would be potentially a part of the core team, the Legislative Executive Committee, which guides the Association during the legislative session.

Opportunities for appointment include:

Policy Committee and Caucus Involvement (Chair, Vice-Chair, Policy Leader)

  • Finance, Tax & Administration
  • Community & Urban Affairs
  • Health, Safety & Justice
  • Federal
  • Agriculture & Rural Affairs
  • Urban Caucus
  • Rural Caucus
  • Water & Environmental Sustainability

Other Committees & Boards

  • Finance & Audit Committee
  • Institute for County Government Board of Directors

At-Large Board of Directors Representative

These positions are either appointed by the FAC President or approved by the FAC Board of Directors and are a one-year commitment. Should you have any questions, please contact Emily Anderson at 850.922.4300 or eanderson@flcounties.com.