In an effort to reduce the burden of prisons on Florida’s taxpayers and communities, the Florida Legislature has continue to search for ways to safety reduce the number of non-violent offenders in Florida’s prisons.  In 2014, the Legislature reduced the length of sentences of nonviolent drug offenders charged with possession of oxycodone and hydrocodone and sentencing and other prison reforms will continue to be discussed in future sessions.  The fate of non-violent offenders is also a national issue, with President Obama commuting the sentences of 46 nonviolent federal offenders, 11 of whom are Floridians who had served between 10 and 25 years for non-violent offenses.  The Florida TaxWatch Center for Smart Justice has produced  several studies related to the state of Florida’s criminal justice system, arguing for sentence reform for non-violent drug offenses and a reduction of mandatory minimum sentences.  These reports are available on the Florida TaxWatch website: