In anticipation of the 2016 Legislative Session, the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) has assembled a project team to review the Baker Act and Marchman Act, with the goal of drafting proposed legislation for the upcoming session.  The Baker Act (or the Florida Mental Health Act) establishes the legal procedures for mental health examination and treatment, and most notably for involuntary commitment.  The Marchman Act establishes the process for assessment and stabilization of individuals who are abusing drugs or alcohol, and also allows for involuntary treatment.  During the 2015 session, several bills were filed that would have made various reforms to the state’s behavioral health systems, including proposals to combine the Baker and Marchman Acts.  While these proposals ultimately failed to pass, proponents have indicated that they will bring these issues back next session.  In preparation for this, the project team plans to evaluate the components of prior proposals and ultimately submit draft legislation later this year.