Credentials forms are coming in, but there are plenty of counties that haven’t yet submitted their forms.  For everything to go smoothly at this year’s election, we would like all attending counties to submit their credentials forms prior to the conference and need your help to make that happen.

You can find the credentials packet and additional credentials information on our website:  

Also, please monitor this site to see which counties in your state are registered for the conference and which have submitted credentials forms:

If you intend to have someone other than your state association president to pick up your state’s ballots, you will need a letter from your president authorizing that person to pick up the ballots.  Please send the letter to Alex Koroknay-Palicz at

I have only received letters from 10 states: Arizona, Minnesota, South Carolina, Iowa, Maine, New York, Texas, South Dakota, Virginia and North Carolina.  If you aren’t on this list, PLEASE send me your letter soon. 

Finally, if you have an upcoming conference in your state in which you would like NACo to participate, please submit this questionnaire, if you haven’t done so already.